New Hope Foundation
New Hope Foundation and Open Arms Children's Foundation have signed a partnership agreement. OACF is committed to helping New Hope Foundation with its on-going operational costs and helping Canadians who also want to support specific children and/or projects at Hope. In early 2007, OACF gave $10,000 to New Hope Foundation. In 2005 Open Arms To International Adoption raised money for Hope through a silent and live auction. These funds outfitted a day room in the Special Care Unit in the Shun Yi location on the edge of Beijing.

Evelyn Wilson and Deborah Maw, OACF board members and Angus Armstrong, President of Open Arms To International Adoption, have visited Hope's Healing Home several times. They know Hope to be a place abounding with concern and compassion for medically fragile and disabled babies and young children. Every child is cared for with tireless dedication. Hope is truly a home that is true to its name and filled with both hope and love.

Three years ago, OACF in partnership with the Koerner Foundation, a Canadian charity, made a 5 year commitment of $20,000 Canadian, to New Hope Foundation to support a new 18 bed medical nursery for children identified as medically terminal in the city of Xinyang in Henan province.

This medical unit has been named the Alexandra Yeo and Open Arms Special Care Unit, in loving memory of Alexandra, who with her husband Erik adopted a daughter through Open Arms to International Adoption. New Hope has successfully saved the lives of approximately 50% of the children in units like the Xinyang facility.