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Fu Hui Education Foundation

Image Open Arms Children's Foundation is pleased to be sponsoring over 20 orphans in Sichuan province through a formal partnership with Fu Hui Education Foundation. For $3,000 per year, these 20 children who live in a very remote and very poor part of the province, are able to attend a residential elementary school.

In 2009, Open Arms Children's Foundation donated an additional $15,000 to Fu Hui Education Foundation to establish an endowment that would create a predictable revenue stream of support for orphans in Sichuan.

The smiling girl in the picture with OACF Board member, Daniel Chan, is one of the fortunate beneficiaries of Fu Hui Education Foundation. This picture was taken in May 2009, on Daniel's visit to the school and to the home villages of many of the children.

You can help Open Arms Children's Foundation to sponsor more children. Consider the $150 it takes to change a life.


These are some of the children we support!