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The Year 2012 was an extremely busy one for Open Arms Children's Foundation. As always the active Board members and volunteers made every event possible.

On Saturday, December 8th, 2012, The Fundraising Committee of the Foundation held the Eighth Annual Silent and Live Auction at the historic St. Lawrence Hall. The auction netted revenue of just over $11,000. Thanks go to the Fundraising Committee comprised of Deborah Maw, Lisette Gelinas, Laura Isidean, Debbie Wright, Darlene Varaleau, Ellen Wagner, Kathy Soden and Evelyn Wilson. The music provided by some of the adopted children and their friends was truly outstanding. There were many amazing gifts of great interest and value. This auction was the largest revenue generating event. The Fundraising Committee is planning the next Silent and Live Auction at the same venue in November 2014.

Other notable fundraisers were a cocktail party hosted by Laura Isidean and her husband and a skating party at the Toronto Cricket Club, and a small silent auction at the Winter Party of Open Arms to International Adoption.

The Foundation was able meet its financial commitment of $20,000 to New Hope Foundation and the Koerner Foundation. A total of $62,105 was disbursed to New Hope Foundation.

OACF was also able to donate $15,000 to the Fu Hui Education Foundation to support an endowment that would enable orphans to attend school in Liangshan, Sichuan province.

Open Arms Children's Foundation's total revenues for 2012 were $95,136. The disbursements to our projects were $77,105. Expenses for fundraising events, professional fees, insurance, general office and bank charges combined with disbursed donations was $14,249. This left the Foundation with a net asset at the end of the year of $41,751.

The on-going hard work and dedication of the board members: Deborah Maw, Vice-President; Kathy Soden, Secretary; Laura Isidean, Treasurer; MaryAnn Crichton; Lisette Gelinas; Julia Ouellette; Murray Rice; and Alex Yu, who resigned from the Board in 2012, enabled the Foundation to continue to operate with due diligence and vision. Thank you to all of you on the Board, for your deep interest in the welfare of the orphaned Chinese children we have been able to serve.

Respectfully submitted on June 19, 2013 by:

Evelyn Wilson
Open Arms Children's Foundation